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What Do Decorative Artists Listen to While They Work?

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

What do you listen to on the way to a job, while you are working or just looking for a way to put off doing the books for a few more minutes? Here at IDAL, we are always looking for ways to continue learning so why not combine some excellent podcasts with your "downtime".

The APC Podcast : Mission: Vacation. Listen in on the journey of three contractors who were looking to find a better way. Over four months, each of the owners worked with Nolan Consulting to build and implement new systems that removed them from the hourglass. #paintmag @american_painting_contractor

Here are some specific podcasts we'd highly recommend:

1. 360 Ladders: Nov 15, 2022 – Tom Henman discusses the challenges and solutions behind this TOP JOB project gilding a helix in the ceiling of Tampa International Airport to serve as a backdrop for a public art installation by Aaron Stephan.

2. Upskilling Your Painters: May 19, 2022 – A nice discussion regarding the Decorative Beginning Program at IDAL with Cathy Rinn, Diane Williams, and Julie Stonehouse.

2. Decorative Painting Trends: January 5, 2022 – Should you add decorative painting to your product mix? Learn about the benefits to offering decorative painting, potential risks and what trends are booming with Diane Williams and Cindy Howard.

3. Women in the Workforce: September 22, 2021 – Female business owners share their strategies for making job listings and jobsites more attractive to women painters. Learn which considerations can make all the difference.

4. The Paint Hive: January 26, 2021 – Welcome to The Paint Hive Presents! Meet Monique Rogers, Gina Vivona, and Regina Garay, the founders of The Paint Hive, a unique online class platform for creatives. They have many inspirational podcasts with professionals who discuss marketing, branding, and social media to help grow your creative business.

Another note of interest to IDAL members. APC magazine runs a contest called, "Top Jobs." Below is a list of posts from the #paintmag featuring IDAL members who won this award:

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