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IDAL Stencil Certification

Progressive Levels of Excellence

The IDAL Stenciling Certification Program represents the roots of our organization by preserving the legacy craft of stenciling and by promoting its artistry. The program improves and adds value to your set of skills.

IDAL members who have completed this rigorous program have earned the distinction of being the best stencil artisans in our industry. 

Certification through the International Decorative Artisans League validates our members' training and education in the decorative art of stenciling.


Members apply for Certification to set a higher standard for their work. Artisans can proudly point to their professional Certification when clients ask for qualifications beyond sample boards.

The IDAL Stenciling Certification program provides an opportunity for League members to have their work juried by the leaders in the field. Only genuinely outstanding work passes the scrutiny of the Stenciling Certification Review Committee.