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Mentor Application

The IDAL Mentorship Program offers a goal-based program of peer mentoring, open to beginner and intermediate IDAL members seeking one-on-one mentorship from an experienced IDAL member for a period lasting six months. The beginner Decorative Painter may be looking to start their Decorative Painting career and an intermediate Decorative Painter may want to explore expanded growth with the guidance of an experienced Decorative Painter. Mentors are volunteers who share their wisdom and skills while providing supportive critique to their Apprentice. Mentor Qualifications IDAL Mentorship Program Mentors come from diverse backgrounds and bring various skills from personal experience, education, and other training. They are selected on the basis of their excellence in professional artistic achievement as well as their desire to pass on their knowledge to developing Decorative Painters. Mentor qualifications include: 

  • Be a current IDAL Member.

  • Be an experienced Decorative Painter.

  • Have significant technical knowledge of Decorative Painting.

  • Have ability and willingness to commit to the mentoring process.

  • Have well-developed listening and interpersonal skills.

  • Be willing to share knowledge, connections, and experiences as an active participant in the IDAL Mentorship Program.

  • Have experience providing critical feedback in an individual and/or group setting.

Mentorship Goals Mentorships will focus on assisting the Apprentice achieve specific goals within a prearranged timeframe.  Goals can range from guidance in artistic development to more task oriented goals such as preparing proposals, organizing a business, overseeing a large project, and/or managing a team. Matching Mentors & Apprentices Mentors and Apprentices will be paired and connected, with consideration, based on areas of expertise requested by the Apprentice and available from the Mentor. Mentors may be given the opportunity to review Apprentice applications. Roles and Responsibilities of the Mentor and Apprentice Team The success of the IDAL Mentorship Program is dependent on both the Mentor and the Apprentice. Individual and Dual responsibilities include: 

  • Be current IDAL Members.

  • Identify and set goals for the program with the Apprentice, and work to develop action steps.

  • Monitor and track progress toward those goals, and clarify and revise goals as needed.

  • Respect the Mentor’s time by being punctual and prepared for each meeting, and by keeping commitments.

  • Develop a mutual agreement for meetings and preferred method of contact.

  • Ask questions so that a clear understanding is reached.

  • Be open to guidance, suggestions, and coaching. Accept both questions and feedback in a positive manner.

  • Be direct, honest, and upfront with the Mentor. Identify any challenges you are facing in the program.

  • Keep the Mentor informed of changes in needs, expectations, or goals.

  • Ask questions about the Mentor’s career and experiences.

  • Provide regular ongoing feedback to the Mentorship Program coordinators about the program.

  • Report any concerns or complaints to the Mentorship Program Coordinator.

Discrimination is prohibited. All IDAL Mentorship Program participants shall refrain from harassment on the basis of race, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, color, national origin, ancestry, familial status, age, disability, marital status, and/or status with regard to public assistance. 

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