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Embracing Simplicity and Organic Elegance in Modern Design: Interviewing Robin Belisle about her Organic in Nature Decorative Art Class

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In an insightful conversation with a seasoned decorative painter, Robin Belisle, we explore the evolving trends in interior design that emphasize simplicity, organic materials, and rich textures. Robin began by mentioning the significance of these elements, particularly in the post-COVID era, and shares how they are incorporated into various projects using Golden Paint Works products.

The Shift Towards Simplicity and Organic Elements

When asked why simplicity has become more important now compared to five or ten years ago, Robin attributes this shift largely to the impact of COVID-19. "Everyone went much more simple, much more organic-based," she explains. The pandemic encouraged people to use what they had at home, fostering a resourceful and creative approach to decoration and artistry. While more vibrant colors are now making a comeback, the overall trend remains rooted in organic, earthy, and subdued tones.

Navigating Design Challenges and Goals

Clients often face challenges when trying to update their spaces. Robin notes that clients may have existing elements they are not ready to change, creating a need to bridge the old with the new. This can be problematic without the guidance of a designer. "Designers are essential for bridging that gap," Robin emphasizes, highlighting the importance of professional input in achieving cohesive design transitions.

Building a Project from Start to Finish

When working with designers, Robin starts by gathering essential information, such as photos of the area and samples of fabrics or tiles. With hundreds of samples at her disposal, understanding the client's style and color palette is crucial. On-site adjustments are made as needed to ensure the perfect match.

Choosing the Right Textures

Selecting between linen, grass, cloth, woven textures, and leather depends largely on the designer's vision. Robin offers suggestions based on the desired finish, which can range from simple, organic Venetian plaster to earthy color tones. The collaboration between Robin and the designer ensures that the chosen materials align with the overall aesthetic of the project.

Continuous Learning and Trend Adaptation

Despite extensive experience since 1997, Robin values take classes to stay current with design trends. Attending conventions and classes allows her to bring fresh, trending samples back to designers. "It's easier to take a class and come home with current trending samples," Robin explains, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning in their field.

Creating Organic Samples in Class

During the interview, Robin describes her process for creating organic samples in a class setting. With seven samples, including grass cloth and Venetian plaster, the class offers a hands-on approach. The use of Golden Paint Works products, known for their versatility and premixed color selections, facilitates the creation of beautiful, organic-looking designs. Robin follows a step-by-step agenda, guiding students through each technique to ensure successful results.

Why Golden Paint Works?

Robin’s preference for Golden Paint Works stems from the brand's versatility and product assortment. "Their website offers color selections in premixed colors, and their products are easily accessible," she notes. While she used to enjoy mixing colors, the convenience of taking samples to a paint store for custom tinting has streamlined her process.

Class Setup and Workflow

In Robin’s classes, she has a rigorous schedule to complete all seven samples in one day. The workflow involves switching between samples based on drying times, ensuring each layer is properly dried before moving on to final touches like stenciling. This choreographed process ensures efficiency and high-quality results.


In Robin’s Organic in Nature Decorative Art Class, she will shed light on the current trends in interior design, highlighting the importance of simplicity, organic materials, and rich textures. Her insights into navigating design challenges, collaborating with designers, and continuously adapting to trends underscore the dynamic nature of her work. Through her use of Golden Paint Works products and hands-on classes, she inspires students to embrace organic elegance in their design projects by creating seven sample boards with modern decorative art textures.

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