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Innovating Paint Technology

By Alissa Martin, Brand Manager, Farmhouse Paints

“Is it really that hard to create paint with great adhesion and durability?” Farmhouse Paint’s innovation journey started over frustrations from poor quality paint options. There was a gap in the paint marketplace that utilized the highest grade, low VOC components for advanced bonding and durability. Armed with decades of artistic entrepreneurial experience, Susie and Jerry Long were up for the challenge. The endeavor lead to Farmhouse Paint Company offering a proprietary paint formula that has gained a reputation for its superior quality.

It’s frustrating for a finished project to look pristine for only a short amount of time. A quality paint product should withstand chips and scratches long after a project is completed. Evolution Paint incorporates new paint technology to provide the fastest turnaround times with the toughest, satin-smooth finish. This new paint formula eliminates the need for primer or a topcoat, adhering to almost any surface with long-lasting results through “WEAR & TEAR” Safeguard. The biggest question Farmhouse Paint receives about the Evolution Line is, “What makes it superior quality compared to the rest?” Drying time is approximately one hour and completely hardens in one day. Once the paint has completely cured it’s extremely scratch resistant utilizing new “Tough Guard” technology whether on wood, metal, glass, vinyl, or other surfaces. Because the paint formula is designed to ensure long-lasting beauty and protection, Evolution Paint can be used for both interior and exterior projects.

Prep work is also a frequently asked question. Instead of sanding and priming, the main prerequisite before applying Evolution Paint is thoroughly cleaning. Depending on the project, light sanding can help with adhesion but is not required. Another advantage of Evolution Paint is its ease of application. The paint's smooth consistency and excellent coverage properties make it ideal to work with from a beginner DIY enthusiast to a professional painter. Its quick-drying formula minimizes downtime, allowing the enjoyment of newly painted projects sooner with maximum protection. When it comes to elevating the quality of painting projects, Farmhouse Paint’s Evolution line is quickly becoming a go-to choice. With its unrivaled durability, eco-friendly composition, trendy color selection and ease of application, this paint is the epitome of quality. Visit today to explore the Evolution Paint collection and try it to see the results for yourself.

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