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Plaster Bas-Relief - Tuesday 8-5PM

Ellie Ellis,CMS - Hands-on Workshop of Interior Bas Relief

  • Starts Nov 5
  • 525 US dollars
  • Convention Center Boulevard

Available spots

Service Description

Unleash Your Inner Sculptor: Master the Art of Bas-Relief! Ever dreamed of transforming your walls or crafting stunning fine art pieces? Look no further! This hands-on workshop is your gateway to the captivating world of Interior Bas Relief. In this class, you'll gain the knowledge and skills to breathe life into your creative vision. Imagine: • Effortlessly navigating the world of plasters – We'll demystify the different types, mixing techniques, and essential additives. • Transforming raw materials into stunning textures – Master the art of applying plaster, sculpting, and carving to create captivating designs. • Unlocking the secrets of longevity and beauty – Discover the best practices for sealing, painting, enhancing, and finishing your bas reliefs to ensure they stand the test of time. But wait, there's more! You'll walk away with a treasure trove of practical knowledge: • A stunning 2ft x 2ft panel – Your very own art panel of the rose to showcase your newfound skills. • Detailed class notes – A comprehensive reference guide to keep you on track. • A sculpting starter kit – Including palette knives and other essential supplies to kickstart your creative journey. • Invaluable insider information on bas relief artistry – Gain valuable insights beyond the basics. Bonus! – Get a sneak peek into the world of large-scale projects. I'll delve into the creation process behind my recent Modern Rose wall sculpture, showing you how to confidently bid and tackle magnificent installations. This is your chance to learn from the best and unlock your artistic potential. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity! Limited spots are available. Register today! Set/Dry Time: 1 Day Material Information: 2' x 2' Wooden Substrate Tools and Materials Provided: I will supply all the supplies and tools. Tool and Materials Needed: A box and bubble wrap to ship the panels home.

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