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Venetian Plaster - Tuesday 8-5PM

Ron Francis - Mineral Venetian Plaster in Its Most Natural State

  • Starts Nov 5
  • 395 US dollars
  • Convention Center Boulevard

Available spots

Service Description

This class will focus on mineral Venetian plaster in its purest raw form, applied in a masterful technique, with attention to the knowledge of hands and tools related to the material. The first two samples will teach, from start to finish, how to attain the highest level of luster by hand using raw lime, marble, and pigment materials. The remaining samples will explore the incorporation of abstract and textured finishes. These unique types of applications are artisan works of art commonly used on high-impact entry walls. The student will learn how to stack materials, evaluate moisture and absorption rates, and time the act of polishing. Two of the six completed samples will show 1) a Venetian plaster high sheen and 2) a Carrera marble finish in a textured form. The remaining four sample boards will utilize the same materials but allow for an individual approach to abstract textures. The student will be guided in selecting harmonious color combinations and techniques for layering plasters with multiple colors, giving them a rudimentary skill set that will lead to mastery of their individual technique. Material Information: 12" X 12" MDF Samples: 6 Tools and Materials Provided: Sample boards, raw plasters, colored plaster, Savon de marseille, black bison wax, rags, and tape. Tool and Materials Needed: Pavan 40mm spatula, Pavan stainless 200x80x0.5 finishing trowel, gloves, and an apron.

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