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Annie Lemarie –New IDAL president

Updated: May 4

Hi friends!

Annie Lemarie here – your new IDAL president. I pledge to you, our members, a dedicated work ethic, nonprofit organization skills, forward-thinking planning, and a great 2024 convention!

I started my business in 1980 while attending art school at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. Combining my experiences with multiple media, my business encompassed historic restoration, decorative painting, murals, architectural gilding/gilded surface restoration, and museum exhibit design and fabrication.  I also worked for an ad agency as a copywriter, designer, and, eventually, art director and video producer. I was president of our local Habitat for Humanity affiliate for three years. On Dec. 31, 2021, I gave up my LLC, Ladders and Scaffolds. I kept my brushes, drawing tables, and Adobe Suite. I remain a professional member of IDAL, a member of the Society of Gilders, and a participant in the International Salon.

You’ve met me at the IDAL registration office for many years. You may have asked me to help you find classrooms or your classroom supplies. I answered several obscure questions and applied a few band-aids, with or without peroxide—oh, and one ice pack.

My goals for 2024-2025 emphasize membership building, chapter development, and continuing to streamline the organization. Keep an eye out for a new marketing campaign called “Spread the Word!” which will debut in early June.


The convention will go live early next week. As a perk of your membership, the first 10 days of registration are members only! (May 6th through 16th) Keep an eye out! We listened to you and brought in new teachers, materials, and ideas! We will send out another e-blast on the day the convention goes live, and you’ll see it on FB and IG.

Let’s talk about Convention Registration.

I am going to be very upfront here about convention costs. 

Like you, I am tired of hearing about “supply chain issues” and other post-pandemic phrases. Let’s face it. Prices have risen. Products that we’ve used every day have disappeared. Everyone is squeezed in one way or another regarding $$.

The costs for this year's Convention are astronomical compared to previous conventions. Prices have been rising even before the shutdown.

Food and beverage costs for this convention have more than doubled from last year’s convention. Maybe it’s location, but based on the bids we received from several cities, it’s not a unique situation.

Our ability to purchase classroom space is directly linked to our purchase of food and beverage (F&B) from the hotel. We need to buy enough F&B from the hotel to make our classrooms free. This year, our F&B minimum is $24,700. Yikes. So, we looked at just purchasing classrooms, which was just under $20,000. Then, we would have additional food and beverage costs.

We are left with little choice but to increase registration fees in order to stay viable. Our new registration fee structure gives you 4 free group lunches (across the board, feedback from members say they love the communal lunch), 3 sit-downs and 1 box lunch on Expo day. Our opening party is included, with one free drink ticket. The rest goes to helping to cover overhead like your swag bags, pins and other things that you take with you. 

Following the AGM, the opening party will give everyone, including vendors and teachers, time to relax, socialize, and enjoy being at IDAL. The Expo opens on Wednesday morning at 10, and you can visit the vendors, pick up your swag, and participate in some fun activities if you choose.

IDAL President Annie Lemarie

See you at the Convention!

Annie Lemarie,

2024-25 IDAL President

p.s. Thanks to Jodi, our membership is growing.

Let’s keep that up!

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